The Story of Glen Islay

6 years ago “our dream” was put into motion and in March 2021, it became a reality. We bought this acre of property and began to put our dreams into action.

We had found our forever home nestled in an overgrown secret garden overlooking the Himeville Conservancy and its dam.  We consider our view a painting and the everchanging light, hues, and shadows mean our painting is ever-changing.

Michelle’s family originates from the area. Her great grandfather’s both farmed here. The Malcolm’s at the farm “Isla” though Papa and Gran settled in Arbuckle road Himeville in their latter years. The McKenzie side of the family farmed “Seaforth” on the Sani Road.

As fate or karma would have it, Michelle asked Peter to think of a happy childhood place and memory and he recalled a friend’s family farm in Zimbabwe with a similar name.

So Glen Islay it became.